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Worldwide IT Security Solutions Market in the Transportation Industry Growth Report 2018

Transportation security refers to the physical and cyber securities implemented in mass transit locations such as railway stations, bus stations, airports, marine ports, and logistics. The need for security in these premises is very important because of the increasing unauthorized border crossing, and the transportation of arms and ammunitions between countries and continents. Surveillance, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detection, access control, perimeter intrusion detection and biometric technologies are some of the major types of security solutions provided in the Transportation industry. Currently, the need for transportation security is on the rise, mainly because of the increase in terrorist attacks and criminal activities.

Analysts forecast the Global IT Security Solutions market in the Transportation industry will grow at a CAGR of 18.9 percent during the period 2013-2018.

The Report recognizes the following companies as the key players in Global IT Security Solutions Market in the Transportation Industry: Bosch Security Systems Inc., Honeywell International Inc., SAAB AB, Safran SA, Tyco International Ltd, Axis Communications AB, Cisco Systems Inc., Electronic Security Products Inc.,Flir Systems Inc., Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, James Fisher and Sons plc, Johnson Controls Inc., L-3 Communications Corp., Motorola Solutions Inc., NICE systems Ltd, PanasonicCorp., Rapiscan Systems Ltd, Raytheon Co., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, Siemens AG, Stanley Black & Decker Inc., Unisys Corp., United Technologies Corp.

Continual advances in technology have increased the need for security products in airports and marine ports. In addition, transportation security product vendors are able to deliver high-quality output to customers. The rate of change and advance in the market is rapid, which is resulting in the development of advanced and highly accurate security products. Therefore, end-users can completely rely on the products.

Covered in this Report
This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Global IT Security Solutions market in the Transportation industry for the period 2014-2018. To calculate the market size, the report considers revenue generated from the sales of products such as access control, video surveillance, biometrics, CBRN detection, and intrusion detection used in transportation security systems. It also presents the vendor landscape and a corresponding detailed analysis of the top five vendors in the market. In addition, the report discusses the major drivers that influence the growth of the Global IT Security Solutions market in the Transportation industry. It also outlines the challenges faced by vendors and the market at large, as well as the key trends that are emerging in the market.

According to the report, the Global IT Security Solutions market in the Transportation industry has many growth drivers, of which growing security concerns is one of the major drivers. There has been a massive increase in the intensity and occurrence of security attacks, issues, and threats in recent years. This has resulted in the increased adoption of transportation security solutions to curb breaches of security and eliminate security attacks.

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Further, the report states that the high cost of implementation is one of the key challenges faced by vendors in this market. Despite potential benefits associated with transportation security solutions, certain countries are refraining from investing in them, primarily because of their high costs.

Key Regions
• Americas

Key Vendors
• Bosch Security Systems Inc.
• Honeywell International Inc.
• Safran SA
• Tyco International Ltd

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Other Prominent Vendors
• Axis Communications AB
• Cisco Systems Inc.
• Electronic Security Products Inc.
• Flir Systems Inc.
• Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
• James Fisher and Sons plc
• Johnson Controls Inc.
• L-3 Communications Corp.
• Motorola Solutions Inc.
• NICE systems Ltd
• Panasonic Corp.
• Rapiscan Systems Ltd
• Raytheon Co.
• Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd
• Siemens AG
• Stanley Black & Decker Inc.
• Unisys Corp.
• United Technologies Corp.

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Key Market Driver
• Increasing Security Concerns.
Key Market Challenge
• High Implementation Costs.
Key Market Trend
• Rapid Advances in Technology.

Key Questions Answered in this Report
• What will the market size be in 2018 and what will the growth rate be?
• What are the key market trends?
• What is driving this market?
• What are the challenges to market growth?
• Who are the key vendors in this market space?
• What are the market opportunities and threats faced by the key vendors?
• What are the strengths and weaknesses of the key vendors?

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IT Professionals Need Advanced Security Skills To Prevent Malware And Malvertising Attacks

Malvertising, which is a form of criminal method used by cyber criminals to attempt to steal personal information from consumers, is on the rise and becoming a growing problem for businesses. Recently, Spotify, a music streaming service, apologized after ‘malverts’ were served to some of its users. Spotify is an online music service that allows users to listen to any music they want to over the internet for free. It is only available in a limited number of European countries, but still has a sizeable user base.

Spotify’s service offers streaming of selected music from a range of major and independent record labels, including Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group, The Orchard, and Universal.Like many free services, they also offer a premium subscription service. While the free version is ad supported, the paid version has no ads and allows use of the service while offline, on mobiles, etc.

Malware purveyors placed an advertisement with a widely distributed ad network, and then change the code in the ad to exploit flaws in browser code to inject malware onto users’ computers. Malvertising is on a significant rise, having doubled from Q3 to Q4 2010, according to Dasient. Based on Q4 estimates, three million malvertising impressions were served per day, an increase of 100% as compared to 1.5 million malvertising impressions per day in Q3 2010.

More than one million web sites were estimated to be infected in Q4 2010. As compared to data from one year prior (Q4 2009), web malware infections have nearly doubled and are a growing threat that needs to be abated. The probability that an average Internet user will hit an infected page after three months of web browsing is 95%.

Malicious software being served from legitimate sources has become a major problem. In 2010, nearly 90 percent of Web-based attacks started from a legitimate site, according to security firm MessageLabs, part of Symantec. “There used to be a time when the well-behaved and educated surfer was pretty safe,” Dan Bleaken, senior malware data analyst for Symantec Hosted Services, wrote in July. “Today, this is no longer the case.” The latest attack installs a variety of programs, including HDD Plus, which appears to be a disk optimization program, but in reality steals control of the user’s computer and requests payment to “fix” the problems.

A recent study by technology corporation Cisco reported even higher increases in malware. Cisco’s Q4 report indicated that malware had grown by 139 percent in 2010. A government-backed website, designed to champion the UK’s start-up businesses has inadvertently linked users to malware. The slip will be embarrassing for the government, especially as Prime Minister David Cameron had helped launch the site and the Number 10 website linked prominently to it.

According to Paul Baccas, a senior threat researcher at Sophos, the link featured in an article about US investor Warren Buffet and took users to a fake banking site. In reality, the fix contained malware. Last month, the London Stock Exchange hosted booby-trapped adverts that asked visitors to download similar fake security software.

These report findings clearly points out that online attacks are very common these days. One proven way to mitigate information security risks is through technical security training that will enhance the skills proficiency of the cyber security workforce. EC-Council’s brand new TakeDownCon is a technical information security conference series that serves as a platform for IT security professionals to discuss and exchange views on the latest information security threats as well as remediation strategies. In addition to learning from some of the best security experts, TakeDownCon also offers highly sought after technical training courses, including the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course, often touted as the world’s most comprehensive ethical hacking training program.

The CEH Program certifies individuals in the specific network security discipline of Ethical Hacking from a vendor-neutral perspective. The Certified Ethical Hacker certification will fortify the application knowledge of security officers, auditors, security professionals, site administrators, and anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure. A Certified Ethical Hacker is a skilled professional who understands and knows how to look for the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems and uses the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker.

The International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) is a member-based organization that certifies individuals in various e-business and security skills. It is the owner and developer of the world famous ethical hacking training, the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course, Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI) program, License Penetration Tester (LPT) program and various other technical security training programs offered in over 70 countries around the globe. EC-Council has trained over 80,000 individuals and certified more than 38,000 security professionals. These certifications are recognized worldwide and have received endorsements from various government agencies including the US federal government, National Security Agency (NSA), Committee and National Security Systems (CNSS), US Army, FBI, Microsoft and CERTs (Computer Emergency Response Team) of various nations. TakeDownCon Dallas 2011, is one of the conferences of EC-Council’s Take Down information security conference series.

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High Demand for Information Security Professionals

There has been a surge in the demand for security professionals and as a result the UK’s businesses and government agencies are extremely focused on developing their security practices and hiring qualified professionals.

This specific area is a major growth industry which is continuously offering professionals in the area a wide range of job roles to apply for. Due to the high demand for these professionals, we have put together the top 3 most sought after Security Skills.

Cyber Security

Over the last few years the number of threats to Systems has increased; we’ve all heard of Stuxnet and Flame, to name a few. As a result, governmental and private companies are desperate to employ the best experts who can develop, protect and defend their systems. These experts are in high demand as they identify, analyse and mitigate threats.

It is also important to note that due to the rising use of mobile devices and virtualised environments, professionals working in the cyber security area are in higher demand to protect data outside of companies systems.

The need for cyber professionals spreads across all industries, from financial services, retail to government and academia.

Security Analysist

Due to the growing number of networks and escalating number of skilled hackers out there, security problems have multiplied. As a result, there is a great need for these analysists who have the ability to put several security measures into place in order to protect information. They also take responsibility for the data analysis and monitoring of systems.

These professionals often have varying tasks within a company and are involved with operational, response and technical issues. The need for security analysists is high in government, defence and healthcare organisations.

Data Security

Due to the vast amount of technological advancements over the last few years the demand for these professionals has soared. The technological advancements that we have seen include: smart phones, mobile apps, tablets and the transition to cloud environments. The responsibility of Data Security professionals is to effectively ensure that all data is safe and all the storage capabilities for companies. Due to all of the above technological advancements data is being breached time and time again, hence the high demand of Data Security professionals to prevent the data from being breached.

Great news for Information Security professionals, employers are tripping over themselves to employ them however, on the flip side, bad news for the employers, finding talented professionals in this field has now become increasingly difficult.

Now you know just how much demand there is for these professionals it’s time to start searching for the latest Information Security Jobs

Or take a look at our other niche job boards to find your perfect job in IT Security:

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What Do Security Check Jobs Entail?

There is a great demand of Security Check Jobs due to the vastly expanding and importance of the Information technology and communications when it comes to investigation and prevention of crime. This industry sector is expected to grow more and more by a greater degree in the future. The major question for the interested candidates is that whether the cyber security jobs are right for you or not.

Need of the candidates

Any IT company or other related to the field regardless of the size should have a specialist in network and cyber security. Those who are interested and filling for jobs might take on many titles such as network administrator, information security technician, network security specialists, but the role always remains the same that is of total cyber security. Security Check Jobs in larger companies are always great in demand but the candidates must have the expertise in the field. Such security experts take project by project and take certain roles within the development of services, new systems and products.

Role of cyber experts

If you are interested in the field then you might be wondering role of the cyber security jobs? The role entails the protection of the very much vital data and its protection, apart from this managing access to resources and networks. This may include personal information of the customers such as details of the employee information and credit cards. The other thing that is included is the prevention of the criminal intrusions and activities on the network of the company.

Variety of cyber jobs

There are different types of Security Check Jobs from which candidates can easily choose. Although interested candidates can find jobs in private banks, strategic facilities, large co-operations and most of the vacancies are viable in pubic sector. Cyber risk and strategic analysis focus on analyzing and identifying any threats on the information technology systems and networks. If you prefer a job that needs to be more interesting that one is totally analytical than there are other opportunities on which you must focus on which are lying in the cyber – incident sector.

Factors that determine salary

There are a variety of factors that will determine your salary, with the positions. If you have a lot of experience and is a profession with high quality than you might be offered with mid-level positions which will pay you more than entry level positions. Once getting enough experience, you will find much better opportunities.

What you will require

For Security Check Jobs, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in the related field such as technical management, security technology, computer science, engineering, information technology. These are common and the major requirements. However, this is not the only case, as some companies may prefer candidates with higher degree such as master’s degree, which are considered for higher level vacancies. If you have the skills then maybe there is no requirement of experience. There is a continual need of the professionals in the cyber security field.

Many online websites have posted many Security Check Jobs to attract the attention of young job seekers. Click Link for more.

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Why The Demand For Security Cleared IT Jobs Rising?

As you know that the IT and computer networks are always prone to cyber attacks and these days there are many hacking incidents that are happening and hence the demand of security cleared IT jobs is also rising.

Security clearance is mainly a permission that is being granted to an individual so that he or she can get a job that involves handling of classified and confidential information. As most of the work is being done through computers and hence there is lots of sensitive information that is being stored over computer networks in the form of data.

Here is the complete and detailed information about what exactly is security cleared IT jobs, what are the terms and conditions and how to get such jobs.

Where Is The Scope For Such Jobs?

� There are many private and public sectors that require security cleared IT professionals. A person with software knowledge such as Java, Oracle, Cisco, project management and development are ideal for such jobs.
� If you are a computer engineer then you can search for jobs which are related to hardware as well as software but you need have the security clearance with you.
� There is an immense scope for such jobs as most of the work is being done with the help of computer networks and latest technology and the future for such jobs is very bright.
� There are many government departments that always need such security cleared IT professionals as they need somebody to protect their sensitive and confidential data.
� There are many private sector companies that also require such professionals and hence the demand for Security cleared IT jobs is on the rise.

What All Needs To Be Done In Order To Avail Necessary Security Clearance?

� In case you are looking for such jobs then you need to obtain a security clearance certificate and that is only granted if you have a clean record and you are able to provide complete and detailed information about yourself.
� There are many online recruitment agencies in the UK that can help you to obtain such security clearances at nominal fees.
� There is one more thing that you need to take care of and that is to get your security clearance certificate renewed at the appropriate time.
� Upon obtaining the clearance certificate these online recruitment agencies can also help you to get these security cleared IT jobs as there is a huge demand for such jobs in sectors that have deployed huge IT infrastructure.
â�¬ As you know that most of the departments’ whether it is private or public are being computerized and hence the demand for such professionals is on the rise.
� The year 2014 has also been termed as the year of economic stability and hence there is a huge potential in the job sector.

If you are looking for a job or are about to clear your graduation then there is no need to worry as there are many job opportunities that are available. All you need to do is to have a clear and focused approach with the help of an excellent online recruitment agency you can get a nice job especially if it is related to security cleared IT jobs.

There are lots of Security Cleared IT Jobs in the fast growing sector, which is the Information technology. For More Info Click Here.

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