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The Evolution of Hacking and Security – From Bindshells to Reverse Shells

So, if you read my previous post on what hacking was like in the mid 90’s to early 2000’s this post will be basically the polar opposite. The hacking game has drastically changed, the old wild wild west version of the internet has turned into cities and suburbs where hacking still takes place but there… Read More »

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The Evolution of Hacking – From bindshells to reverse shells – Wingates & Proxies instead of TOR

Basically, if you got into cybersecurity after the year 2003 your perception of hacking is far different than those that were there in the beginning. Lets call the beginning and the initial revolution of hackers staking their claim which began around 1995. Yes, there were many hackers before then but they were few and far… Read More »

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Exploiting unlinked content using DirBuster, PHP Include() and getting Remote Command Execution (RCE)

This is a real world example – using DirBuster we were able to discover an unlinked file named sugar.php which we enumerated by requesting the  “sugar.php” resource file which returned an error message PHP error: “<b>Error</b>: include(): Filename cannot be empty in”. The valid parameter name “display=” was found using a custom parameter brute forcing script. The… Read More »

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