Monthly Archives: May 2016

Analysis OSSProxy MarketScore OpinionSpy Adware/PUP/Trojan/Malware comScore vs Nielsen

A few days back one of our Virus/Malware file submission sites received close to a hundred executables from two IP addresses over an hour period for comScore, Inc related samples running AV detection scans against each file. This activity flagged some interest at first because the binary files were for various Operating Systems such as Linux… Read More »

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Adware loading Malware for Monetization? System Healer Social Engineers DNSChanger/Dynamer

Typically, malware will be installed through the use of exploit kits, spam e-mails, gifs laced with executables, torrents and so on. That being said, there is a fairly commonly downloaded software package known as “System Healer” being downloaded on the interwebs which claims to speed up your PC and optimize it. Are serving up… Read More »

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