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NOTE: Any use of these scripts to attack a server you do not have permission to is illegal and you will go to jail!

We take no responsibility for what you do with these!

VoIP SIP Based Audit and Attack Tool DDoS Scanning Pen Testing Download

    SIP-Based Audit and Attack Tool Mr.SIP is a tool developed to audit and simulate SIP-based attacks. Originally it was developed to be used in academic work to help developing novel SIP-based DDoS attacks and defense approaches and then as an idea to convert it to a fully functional SIP-based penetration testing tool, it… Read More »

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DrDoS Distributed Reflective Denial of Service PERL Script using QUAKE/Half Life/GameSpy/Valve

This is a proof of concept Distributed Reflective Denial of Service script NOT TO BE USED FOR ILLEGAL PURPOSES, TESTING ONLY – using the following methods: attack types: tcp: reflected tcp SYN attack quake3: reflected udp attack using quake3 based servers source: reflected udp attack using Valve Source based servers hl: reflected udp attack using… Read More »

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