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How to use WPScan WordPress Scan Kali Linux Vulnerability Scan + Snort Rule Example

Running a wordpress site means that you have to always be on the ball when it comes to updating your plugins, themes and wordpress itself. It is a good idea to scan yourself on a regular basis using simple Kali built in tools such as wpscan and sqlmap. You don’t have to be too intrusive… Read More »

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Penetration Testing USB KeyGhost Keylogger UNDETECTABLE Hardware – Alternative to KeyGrabber

is this legal? You have to make it legal, using the Penetration Testing contracts provided just need to add a clause that allows you to use social engineering tactics that include keylogging devices, USB sticks and other peripheral devices as part of the test. Almost always I am permitted to do so because it proves… Read More »

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The Ultimate Penetration Testing Pen Test Tool The KeyGrabber Wi-Fi Premium is a USB wireless keylogger

You want to always have a successful pen test? I have used this little trick with 100% efficiency. It is very sneaky, basically it is a usb stick that has a female and male end on it, you stick the USB keyboard plug into the back of the device and plug the device back into… Read More »

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Another Penetration Testing Pen Test Agreement MOA MOU Contract Document

Penetration Testing Agreement – Download a formatted PDF at the bottom This document serves to acknowledge an engagement between the Business Owner and Data Custodian (see descriptions page 2), collectively of the following system(s) or application, the University Chief Information Officer, and the University IT Security Officer. Systems(s) to be tested: _______________________________________________________________ Testing Time Frame:… Read More »

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Netcat NC Command Line Tool Cheat Sheet – Pen Testing

Netcat listening on port 567/TCP: nc -l -p 567 Connecting to that port from another machine: nc 5676 To pipe a text file to the listener: cat infile | nc 567 -q 10 To have the listener save a received text file: nc -l -p 567 > textfile To transfer a directory, first… Read More »

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