Legal Spyware Internet Monitoring Software For Parents And Employees

By | July 24, 2015
Employee Monitoring
Detect and Prevent Employee Theft
Remotely Monitor Workstations
Watch All Your Workstations From One Place
Simple to Install and Operate
100% Undetectable
24/7 Support Staff Available

Finally Discover the Truth from Any Device
with PC Tattletale Computer Monitoring Software

Simple Setup —
Installs in Minutes

PC Tattletale is extremely easy to install and operate to remotely monitor a PC –

  • 2 minute install on the computer to be monitored
  • No confusing options
  • No complicated settings
  • 24/7 support staff available
  • Just sign-up, install and view

PC Tattletale is very easy, even if you are not very good with computers.

Simple. Easy. Done.

Records All Activity —
100% Undetectable

PC Tattletale records every detail of what your children or employees do on the computer –

  • chats
  • instant messages
  • emails
  • web sites visited

See what they do on anything –

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pintrest
  • SnapChat
  • YouTube
  • Anything

You can view not only what they do, but the exact order in which they do it, step-by-step.

View Computer Activity —
from Anywhere

PC Tattletale lets you see everything they did on the computer even if you are not around.
Watch from your –

  • PC
  • MAC
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Tablet
  • Android
  • Smartphone
  • Kindle Fire

See their daily activity on the computer while you are at work, on a business trip, or even while waiting in line at the bank.

Finally Know What your Children and Employees are doing – BUY NOW!

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