Another Penetration Testing Pen Test Agreement MOA MOU Contract Document

By | June 22, 2015

Penetration Testing Agreement – Download a formatted PDF at the bottom
This document serves to acknowledge an engagement between the Business Owner and Data Custodian
(see descriptions page 2), collectively of the following system(s) or application, the University Chief
Information Officer, and the University IT Security Officer.
Systems(s) to be tested: _______________________________________________________________
Testing Time Frame: (begin) ___________________________ (end) __________________________
Penetration Testing Components (see descriptions page 2). Indicate the testing components that are to
be completed, by initial.
Component Business Owner Data Custodian
Gathering Publicly Available Information
Network Scanning
System Profiling
Service Profiling
Vulnerability Identification
Vulnerability Validation/Exploitation
Privilege Escalation
All parties, by signing below, accept and agree that:
1. The Information Security and Policy Office (ISPO) will take reasonable steps to preserve the
operational status of systems, but it cannot be guaranteed.
2. The ISPO is authorized to perform the component tests listed above, at their discretion using
appropriate tools and methods.
3. Test results are related to specific tests only. They indicate, but do not and cannot measure, the
overall security posture (quality of protections) of an application system.
4. All information related to this testing will be treated as highly confidential Level III security data,
with commensurate protections.
Signed: _______________________________________________________ (Business Owner)
_______________________________________________________ (Data Custodian)
_______________________________________________________ (CIO)
_______________________________________________________ (CISO)
Testing Complete: ______________________________________________ Date: ______________
Review/Closeout Discussion Completed (Date):_______________________________________________
Data Custodian ‐ The technical contact(s) that have operational‐level responsibility for the capture,
maintenance, and dissemination of a specific segment of information, including the installation,
maintenance, and operation of computer hardware and software platforms.
Business Owner ‐ The senior official(s) within a college or departmental unit (or his/her designee) that
are accountable for managing information assets.
Penetration Testing Component Descriptions:
1. Gathering Publicly Available Information ‐ Researching the environment using publicly available
data sources, such as search engines and web sites.
2. Network Scanning – Performing automated sweeps of IP addresses of systems provided and/or
discovered, from on‐campus and off‐campus.
3. System Profiling ‐ Identification of the operating system and version numbers operating on the
system, to focus subsequent tests.
4. Service Profiling – Identification of the services and applications as well as their version numbers
operating on the system, to further focus testing on vulnerabilities associated with the identified
services discovered.
1. Vulnerability Identification ‐ Potential vulnerabilities (control weaknesses) applicable to the
system are researched, tested, and identified.
2. Vulnerability Validation/Exploitation ‐ After vulnerabilities are identified, they must be validated
to minimize errors (false reports of problems), which involves attempts to exploit the
3. Privilege Escalation ‐ Should exploitation of vulnerability be successful, attempts are made to
escalate the privileges to obtain “complete control” of the system.



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