Image Network IP Address Video Security Surveillance Camera System

By | July 18, 2015

imageNetwork/IP: These cameras, both hardwired and wireless, transmit images over the Internet, often compressing the bandwidth so as not to overwhelm the web. IP cameras are easier to install than analog cameras because they do not require a separate cable run or power boost to send images over a longer distance.

Internet protocol (IP) cameras are webcams used for surveillance. They are digital video cameras that transmit data over a local network or the Internet. IP cameras make it possible to remotely monitor a security system. Each type of IP camera is ideal for specific purposes. For example, dome IP cameras are made for outdoor use, while PTZ IP cameras provide the best viewing angles, and IP cameras equipped with infrared light are meant for nighttime surveillance. Therefore, it is important that shoppers know the different types of network security cameras.

Centralized IP cameras are a network of linked security cameras; however, they are only the eyes of the security system because a central video recorder that all the cameras link to handles video recording. Central storage ensures that the security footage remains safe even if the camera is damaged or stolen.
On the other hand, decentralized IP cameras are stand-alone recording devices. Each records the video stream in a local storage medium, such as a hard drive or thumb drive. Decentralized storage ensures that there is very little chance of losing all surveillance and security footage at once.

Another practical feature for both interior and exterior surveillance is motion detection. An event is triggered — in other words, an image is recorded — as soon as the camera senses motion in front of it. A ring buffer is used to ensure that the images can be evaluated immediately before and after the triggering of an alarm or event.

Another benefit of network cameras: the Power-over-Ethernet function (PoE). This allows the camera to draw its power via the connected network cable, eliminating the need for a separate power supply.

network cameras deliver high-quality images even under the most challenging of conditions — including building surveillance, bank and casino security and process and traffic monitoring.

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