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Similarities and Differences in the terms Phishing, Malvertising, Spam and Malware E-mails

What is Phishing? What are malvertising, spam e-mail and malware e-mail campaigns?  These terms have started to become intertwined and used interchangeably which generally means that there is a lack of understanding in the IT community which is typical. Over time laziness and improper training has a way of bending security definitions into bundles. A great example… Read More »

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ALERT! Very Active PHISHING CAMPAIGN still alive targetting Dropbox Users

I received the link via e-mail but also found it online through some redirects and a dropbox typeo domain name. The images and page look spot on ….but if you look at the URI like you should you’ll notice right away we got some problems here! http://glabalinvestment.tk/cost/DROP1/casts/   The campaign is stealing your Gmail, Yahoo,… Read More »

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